You probably would have seen a storm door before. However, modern storm doors are a vast improvement. There are many ways in which modern storm doors are similar to those from the past, but technological and architectural advancements have made them more advantageous for any homeowner. Yet, some houses do not have storm doors.

Some houses may not have storm doors due to the installation expense or the lack of need in areas with milder weather. Additionally, some homeowners may prefer the aesthetic of their front door without a storm door. 

This article will detail the reasons behind houses not having a storm door and, contrary to that, the benefits of having one.

Are Storm Doors An Essential Part Of Homes?

It depends on several factors. The weather in your region is the most significant thing to think about when considering a storm door. If you reside in areas with extremely cold weather, you may experience anything from strong winds to heavy downpours and severe winter storms. 

If you expose your main door to these elements, your home may get colder, have greater energy costs, and have a door that appears dated before its time. 

  1. Personal Climate

You might not want a storm door if you reside in a hot climate. If your front entry receives more than two or three hours of direct sunlight every day, then you are not advised to install a storm door in your house in the first place. 

It is because, in this scenario, the storm door may cause harm to your entry by trapping heat. However, if you still want a storm door, consider getting one with vents or low-emissive glass. 

  1. Current Front Door

You might not need a storm door if your front door is more recent, energy-efficient, and well-sealed, and your primary priority is minimizing energy loss. Additionally, you might not require a storm door if your front entry is well-protected by a sizable overhang or covered porch. 

On the contrary, if your door is older and made of wood, a storm door can help you stop heat loss. Draughts around your entry door may indicate that the door has shifted over time and no longer offers you the required insulation. 

  1. Budget

Installing a storm door is far less expensive than completely replacing a front door. Storm doors are available in many different designs and price points. 

Consider a high-quality storm door if a fashionable new front entrance appeals to you. It’s a fantastic investment that will benefit your home’s appearance, increase home security, and increase energy efficiency at a reduced cost.

Purpose Of Storm Doors

If installing storm doors is not an essential part of a house, then you might be wondering what is the purpose of having one. 

Consider your home as a building envelope. It physically separates the climate-controlled interior from the unconditioned exterior exposed to the changing weather if you wish to comprehend the function of the storm door. This envelope shields your home from energy loss and poor weather conditions.

The building envelope is breached if someone leaves the front door open as they leave. It is equivalent to leaving the front door open if your home is poorly insulated and heat or cold penetrates through worn-out weather stripping or around outdated windows.

An older door can, nevertheless, lower the temperature in your home by conduction. Even if it has no holes or poor weather stripping in particular. Heat transfers to another location by conduction as it passes through a material. 

A storm door is a practical approach to lessen this energy loss. A storm door serves as a barrier against inclement weather and aids in preventing air leakage into your home due to inadequate insulation in your main door.

Watch this amazing video and learn how to install storm doors in your house:

How to Install a Storm Door | The Home Depot

Advantages of Storm Doors

Although some homeowners do not prefer having a storm door, it does have several benefits. The following sections will highlight these advantages in detail:

  1. Adding Light

A storm door is a terrific method to get more natural light into your home when the day is beautiful and bright outside, but the entrance is dark and slightly ominous due to the solid door. 

It is especially true for houses with extended foyers connected to the entrance. With a storm door, you may open your front entrance and let plenty of sunlight into your house without jeopardizing the building envelope.

  1. Clean Air

You may let a summer breeze into your home by rolling down the built-in screen or replacing the storm door’s glass panel with the screen. It is especially advantageous in the spring as the temperature rises. 

There’s nothing like opening your home’s windows and doors and letting a breeze freshen the air after being tightly locked up for the winter to minimize heat loss. Storm doors allow you to take advantage of the great fresh air without letting bugs or other pests into your house.

  1. Improved Front Door Protection

Your front door frequently faces challenging circumstances. Your door is frequently buffeted if there is a lot of rain, snow, or wind. You want your front door to survive as long as possible, whether you have picked an expensive, fashionable door to match your house’s architecture or merely repainted your old one. 

Your main entry door is shielded from the elements by a storm door. A storm door can lower maintenance expenses and will undoubtedly extend the lifespan of your primary entrance.

  1. Developing Curb Appeal

Mostly, the old-styled storm doors were most likely unadorned, painted white, and noisy when opened or closed. Since then, the selection of storm doors has rapidly increased. However, the available storm doors nowadays differ greatly. They have eye-catching glass designs, various colors, and hardware that distinguish them from the competition. 

A storm door can be created to highlight your entryway, represent your sense of style, and blend seamlessly with the architecture of the course. You can now completely personalize your storm door as you see fit.

Some storm doors may give your house a beautiful makeover comparable to what you might get from installing new windows but for much less money. They are a wonderful addition to your house that can protect you from the elements and provide a posh entry.


While storm doors may not be essential for all homes, they offer several benefits, such as improved energy efficiency, increased natural light, netter front door protection, and enhanced curb appeal. 

The decision to install a storm door depends on several factors, including the climate in your area, the age, and the condition of your front door. Whatever decision you may take, choose wisely.