Being stuck in a snowstorm can be scary and can cause considerable panic. This article will help you understand the most proactive and wise steps to take during a snowstorm. 

Irrespective of where you are stuck in a snowstorm, you must stay informed, keep yourself dry, have a system for keeping yourself warm, stay hydrated, and have enough snacks to keep your body going. Moreover, ask for help when needed and follow all orders from government officials. 

For more information and tips, please continue reading. 

Stuck In The Open In A Snowstorm

If you are stuck in the open during a snowstorm, take the steps below to ensure safety. 

Seek Shelter

Your first action plan in a snowstorm should be to get out of the range of snow as soon as possible. It would help if you began looking for shelter under buildings, tents, or cars. 

If none of these are available, use your waterproof clothes to create one, or use the snow to make a makeshift cover that you can hide under.

Stay Dry

You must keep yourself from getting wet to ensure that your body functions optimally. This could make it difficult for you to move, make you feel colder, and might give you hypothermia. 

Hence, ensure you are dry and remove any wet clothing parts in contact with your body. You can replace these with dry items. 

Stay Warm

In below-freezing temperatures, staying warm can be a challenge, but it is also essential for survival. If you have warm clothing, put them on and cover yourself with them. If you have the supplies, create a small fire to warm your body.

Stay Hydrated

It may seem unimportant, but your body still needs water, even in a snowstorm. Drink plenty of water and also make sure to eat to provide your body with adequate resources to function and keep you warm. 

Stay Visible

Do not hide away! To get the help you need, make sure that people can see you. Put up any bright-colored items, use the fire you may have made, and stay in an open place. If you are under a shelter, leave at intervals and look around for other people. If you are in a group, stay together, and take turns to do so. 

Stuck In A Car In A Snowstorm

If you are facing an unprecedented snowstorm while driving your car, here are some tips you can consider. 

Stay In Your Vehicle 

Your vehicle may seem challenging in a snowstorm, but this is your biggest asset right now. Pull over and park your vehicle in a spot; if you can park it under a shelter, that would be ideal. 

Your car is your source of warmth and barrier from the harsh weather conditions outside, so do not get out of your car. 

Keep The Exhaust Pipe Clear

Your exhaust pipe needs to be clear for your car to keep working and for dangerous gasses, like Carbon Monoxide, not to accumulate inside. Snow might accumulate in the pipe; keep checking momentarily to ensure this does not happen.

Stay Warm

Staying warm is crucial in such a situation. You already have the advantage of a vehicle; to put it to use, run the car heating for small intervals while ensuring that the windows are slightly open. When the car is warm enough, turn the heating off to save up on fuel. 

To preserve the heating, use any warm items of clothing or blankets to cover yourself up and have warmth. Do not fall asleep with the heat running. Many people die from carbon monoxide poisoning while locked inside a car. 

Call For Help

If you have a cell phone, call for assistance. If you don’t have a phone, use flares or other emergency signals to attract attention.

Stay Visible  

Even though you are in a car, you still need to be found by rescuers to take you to a safe spot. Keep your car’s hazard lights on and tie a bright-colored cloth on the top to attract attention. 

Clear The Snow

With constant snowfall, your car is likely to be covered in snow. Ensure you clean the windshield after some time and remove excess snow from any parts of the car accessible to you. This ensures that the car is not cooled to a level where it stops working. 

What To Do When A Snowstorm Is Expected?

Preparation can help a lot, especially in naturally occurring weather conditions. Take the tips below to have a safe snow season. 

Monitor Weather Reports 

While you prepare for the worst, keeping an eye on weather updates is also important. This will give you an idea of the amount of time you have for preparation, how intense the storm is, and how long it will last, and it may also provide you with some safety tips. 

Moreover, any orders issued by the officials must be followed. 

Stock Up On Supplies

Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and other supplies in your house if you can’t leave home for a few days due to the snow. Include non-perishable food, a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and extra blankets.

Prepare Your Home

Your home must be ready to face a snowstorm. This would include working air conditioning systems, a stocked pantry, clear drainage systems, and ample warm clothes. Ensure you equip your home with all these requirements to get through a snowstorm smoothly.

Make A Plan

When a snowstorm is possible, a family meeting is necessary. Sit down with your family and devise an elaborate plan to handle the situation — delegate responsibilities and know what to do when an emergency occurs. 

Ensure that everyone is prepared for the worst. 

Prepare Your Car

If you plan to drive during days when a snowstorm is forecasted, you must prepare accordingly. Check your car for faults, stock it up with ample food and water, keep warm clothes and blankets, and equip yourself with supplies like a shovel and a scraper. 

Final Thoughts

Do not let your fear get the worst of you. Be proactive, prepare before time, and save yourself the hassle later. However, if you are suddenly faced with such a situation, keep going, look for solutions, and be bold in asking for help.