Hurricane season is coming, and everybody wants to be as prepared as possible. What can you do before a natural disaster? How to prepare the home so that the season goes smoothly?

You must review your insurance so that damages can be reclaimed from the insurance company. Moreover, make any necessary repairs or additions to the roof, windows, and doors. Cleaning up the yard can save you from flying debris during the hurricane season. 

Here are some strategies that may prove to be helpful during the hurricane season. 

Review Your Insurance Before A Hurricane

Damage during a hurricane is inevitable. The cost of fixing these damages may be very high at times. It is best to plan early and be smart about it. This may be an excellent time to take out a thick document called your insurance policy that, unfortunately, most people neglect to read. 

Please go through it and list what your insurance company covers in your house in case of damages. You can quickly call the company if an update needs to be made to the coverage plan. 

A good idea would be to document everything you own in the house. Make a video or take pictures of every area of your home to show to the insurance company later to make claims. 

Move Items Before A Hurricane

Your house cannot be left in the state that it already is in when there is a chance a hurricane can occur. Here’s what you can do: 


  1. Locate all small items, e.g., books and trinkets. 
  2. Take off all wall hangings, including art, pictures, and clocks. 
  3. Collect these items and secure them in cupboards and storage rooms or put them in containers and seal them. 


  1. Take the smaller utensils and place them inside larger and more secure containers.
  2. Put everything in the cabinets that are at the bottom rather than at the top to reduce the risk of damage. 
  3. For ceramic crockery and glasses, wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in a box. 
  4. Place this box in a cabinet at the bottom as well. 

Other items

  1. Move your furniture away from the windows. You can gather it in the middle of the room.
  2. Empty all racks and shelves.
  3. In the garage, put heavy tools on the ground. 

Stock Up Your Pantry Before A Hurricane

The kitchen must be addressed during the preparation of your house before the hurricane season. Restock your pantry and stock up on non-perishable goods and high-energy foods like protein bars. Buying necessary over-the-counter medication and flashlights will also prove to be helpful.

Secure Your Roof Before A Hurricane

It is reported that the most damage done to the property during storms is to the roofs. Due to damage to the top, the entire home suffers losses. Securing your roof is imperative to reduce losses and ensure safety. 


Inspect your roof for any cracks, leaks, or holes. You can get a contractor to repair the pre-existing damage or consider installing a new roof. This may be costly, but it will prevent excessive damage during the hurricane season. 

Storm-Proof Shingles

Roof shingles are another layer of protection on top of the roof. Storm-proof roof shingles are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rains while saving the house.  

Secure Your Doors and Windows Before A Hurricane

Doors and windows are the two entrances to your home that are easy to open. Strong winds can easily open doors and break windows. Securing these is crucial to avoid water entering the place. 

Hurricane Doors

Hurricane doors are specialized doors made to withstand the impact of a storm. These are heavier, stronger, and more durable than regular doors. The companies claim that hurricane doors are water resistant and also keep the water out completely. Due to the strength and water safety, hurricane doors may be used to secure your house during hurricane season. 

Storm Shutters

These storm shutters look like the ones outside stores and are made with metal. They are heavy and come in a variety of types. They protect the doors and windows from breakage. The different types of storm shutters are:

  1. Rolling shutters
  2. Bahama shutters
  3. Accordion shutters
  4. Colonial shutters


If you are not willing to break the bank and make huge investments, you may want to get to work yourself. Measure your doors and windows. Buy plywood with the desired measurements and heavy-duty nails which can be used to fix the plywood in place. 

Hammer the plywood outside the windows and onto the doors. This adds an extra layer of protection from the hurricane. This is also removable once the storm has passed. You may keep the plywood for the next hurricane season. 

Clean the Yard

The yard is the most neglected area of every house, but it is critical to look at this and deal with some things before the hurricane season begins. The goal is to remove as many items that may turn into debris during a hurricane as possible. Your garden requires some special attention before the storm.

Remove Tools

Move your lawn mower and other tools that you use while gardening to the garage. Heavy tools left outside in a hurricane can be dangerous to your home and others. 

Trim Trees

Take a look at your lawn and try some gardening. You may want to assess trees and plants. If there are weak branches or entire trees, cut them and remove them. If they stay, they might fall onto your house when the hurricane hits. 

Replace Gravel

Gravel tends to be heavy and can cause considerable damage if thrown around. A hurricane tends to make objects fly like debris; replacing the stone used for landscaping is advised. You can remove it or replace it with lighter materials that give the same look. 

Clean The Gutters

Unclog all the gutters in your yard. This is important because the water from the rains will have an outlet. Flooding will be avoided. 

Final Thoughts

A hurricane season brings many challenging instances, but being prepared can reduce the challenges considerably. Inspect your roof, windows, doors, and yard. Take all the necessary safety precautions to ensure minimum damage is inflicted on your house.