Hurricane season can be a nuisance, and it may feel rushed. Living in an apartment makes it even more difficult. However, preparation and safety are possible. 

You must clean your apartment of excessive items, secure your windows, trim any weak tree branches, and review your insurance. Also an emergency kit for the duration of the hurricane can also help. 

We go into more detail on how to prepare adequately for a hurricane as an apartment dweller. 

Is It Safe To Be In An Apartment During A Hurricane?

An apartment seems less safe than a house does. However, some factors contribute to the safety of apartment buildings during hurricane season. The construction material used, the hurricane’s strength, and your height determine how unsafe an apartment is for you. You can be the best judge of this. 

Preparing An Apartment Before A Hurricane

Preparation is key. Each hurricane is a learning experience, and your skills improve. Here are our suggestions. 

Review Insurance

If you own your apartment, you must have gotten insurance when you put in the first installment. Your insurance covers damages to your property. Reviewing your insurance before the hurricane season begins might be a good idea. 

Moreover, investigate everything that insurance surrounds. Document everything you own in the place before the season starts. This ensures proof of the things in the house and the damage done to them. Getting coverage for your losses becomes easier. 

Talk To The Building Administration

Many people rent apartments that are not covered by insurance. Landlords may create issues when it comes to protecting damages. Speak to your building administration about the upcoming hurricane season. Ask them about their plans to fix losses and secure the apartment during the season. 

Declutter Your Apartment

Cleaning up your space is integral to preparing your apartment for the hurricane season. The biggest threat during a hurricane is water flooding in the apartment. Thus, it is advised to keep items away so they do not get soaked. Gather wall hangings, art, trinkets, and pottery. Place them in bubble wrap and then in boxes. Keep these secured in cupboards. 

If you have a lot of shelving in your apartment, empty the shelves. Anything left loose may be a hazard and cause injury when the hurricane hits. 

Move Your Furniture

Move all of your furniture away from the windows. It is understandable that an apartment is a small space and may not be easy to execute. Furniture placed next to the window may get wet and damaged. Try clustering everything in the center of the apartment. 

Clean Your Balconies And Patios

Your balconies and patios may be the most neglected parts of your apartment. We are not judging you. However, some attention during hurricane season could prove to be beneficial. Clear out the spaces. If there is outdoor furniture, move it inside. Move heavy tools and extra items inside the apartment. Hangings, lights, bird feeders, and planters should also be carried. 

You may want to inspect the gutters in these areas if there are any. Unclog and clear them out so that the disposition of water during the hurricane becomes easier. 

Trim Tree Branches

If any trees reach as high as your apartment, ensure that you trim the loose branches. If you cannot do it, report it to the administration of the apartment building. Additionally, inspecting all the trees around your apartment building would be best, as weak branches could be a hazard to all the apartments. 

How To Protect Your Apartment Windows

Windows are entry points for water and debris. Their sensitive nature makes windows prone to breakage and leaks. To protect your apartment, the windows must be secured so that minimum damages are incurred on the space. 

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters were designed due to the increasing need for windows and door protection during natural calamities. These look like shutters outside stores and are made with heavy metal. These are installed by the company they are bought from and are unremovable. This is why they come in various designs, so the aesthetic appeal is also satisfied. Some designs are colonial shutters, Bahamas shutters, accordion shutters, and rolling shutters. 


This may sound like a home project, but it is effective and saves money. Measure your windows and buy plywood according to those measurements from a home supplies store. While you are there, also buy some heavy-duty nails. 

Nail the plywood outside your windows. This will save your windows from breaking due to the strong winds, debris, and rain. Your apartment will be safe from water as well. 

Prepare An Emergency Hurricane Kit 

If you plan to stay in your apartment through the hurricane season, you should make a small emergency kit bag. You may use this when sheltering out in your apartment and waiting out the storm. It may also come in handy when evacuating the place. 


Start with the necessary gadgets:

  1. Mobile phones, laptops.
  2. A radio to tune into for updates on the hurricane.

Food Items

All your food items must be non-perishable. Some examples are:

  1. Packaged protein bars. They are also high in energy and keep you satiated for long periods. 
  2. Canned foods.
  3. Lots of water.


There are some necessary tools that you only need during a hurricane:

  1. Flashlights.
  2. Plastic coverings, in case of water, gets in the apartment.
  3. A first aid kit. This can include items to treat injuries and drugs that treat pain.


Your documents are essential and must be with you at all times. In case things get worse, they can remain protected and be used after the hurricane. These include

  1. Your ID.
  2. Driver’s license, credit cards, or cash.
  3. Your documentation, your insurance card, or a booklet. 

Final Thoughts

The preparation process can be long and exhausting, but it is all worth it in the end. Saving your apartment from destruction and flooding is essential. Be sure to follow all government guidelines along with these tips to ensure your apartment and safety.