If a tornado has recently hit you and your house is damaged, consider rebuilding your home or building a new one. This article discusses the cost and factors involved in rebuilding a house. 

Rebuilding a house costs anywhere between 20000 to 200000 dollars. However, the price is determined by the amount of damage, the house’s area, and the project’s duration. 

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Factors That Determine The Damage To The House After A Tornado

Before you move on to rebuilding a house, you may have to assess the damage. Below are a few factors that determine the extent of damage that your house has been hit with. 

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Strength Of The Tornado

The tornado’s strength is the number one factor in determining the damage that will be done to the house. The stronger the tornado, the more damage it will cause.

Distance From The Tornado

The closer the house is to the tornado, the more damage it will sustain. Closer houses will be exposed to higher winds, flying debris, and other harm.

Quality Of Construction

The quality of construction of the house is also important in determining how much damage will be done. Houses constructed using stronger materials, such as brick or concrete, will sustain less damage than those made using lighter materials, such as wood.

Design Of The House

The design of the house, such as the number of stories, the shape of the roof, and the presence of a basement, may affect the damage sustained. Houses with more stories, flat roofs, and no basement are more susceptible to damage.

Direction Of The Winds

If the winds blow in the same direction as the tornado, the damage will be more severe.

Deciding If New Construction Is More Feasible Than Rebuilding 

The answer to this question depends on the project type and the damage or destruction extent. In general, new construction is more expensive than rebuilding, but it can be more feasible in certain cases. 

For instance, new construction may be more viable than rebuilding if a structure has been damaged or destroyed. Additionally, new construction may be more suitable if the project requires extensive changes to meet current building codes or accommodate design changes. 

However, rebuilding may be a more cost-effective option if the damage is minimal and the structure can be easily repaired. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the specific project and goals.

Why Is Rebuilding A House Costly?

To better understand why you may have to spend more money on rebuilding a house, we have discussed why this extra cost is incurred. 

Planning And Sourcing

To work around a structure already partially standing, extensive planning needs to be done before a final product similar to the house can be executed. Getting professionals on board requires a hefty fee payment. 

Contractors Fee

You may be good at many things, but rebuilding a home is best left to contractors. The contractor would charge you a specific fee based on the work your house needs. 

Tools Used

The tools used for construction need to be rented or bought. The cost of this falls on your shoulders or the contractor’s. If the contractor pays these, they will charge you for them later. 

Shortage Of Resources

In times of natural disaster, all resources are scarce. This applies to construction materials as well. A shortage leads to an increase in prices. In a time when rebuilding the house is crucial to you, you may be willing to pay the extra money. 

Finding Craftsmen For Recreation

Your home is a reflection of you. Before the tornado hits, you must have added intricate details to it. In order to recreate those to make your home still feel like your own, you would have to find special artisans. This incurs a cost. 


Breaking parts of the house is as big a job as making it is. Special machinery and skills would be required that you would have to pay for. 

Duration Of The Project 

As the amount of time spent on rebuilding the house increases, the cost you may have to incur also increases. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A House After A Tornado?

The cost of rebuilding a house after a tornado can vary greatly depending on the damage’s severity, the house’s size, the materials used, the complexity of the repairs, and the labor costs. 

Generally speaking, rebuilding a house after a tornado can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000.

Things To Consider When Rebuilding A House In An Area That Gets Tornadoes

Rebuilding a house is a significant investment that may strain your pocket greatly. You must ensure you plan the new construction well and follow all government standards and codes. This would prevent your house from facing consequences if a tornado or another natural calamity were to hit again. 

We have curated some suggestions below that you may want to consider. 

Reinforced Roofing

Installing a reinforced roof with the correct gauge of steel and a reinforced truss system reduces the chance of uplift.

Reinforced Walls

Install reinforced walls with steel framing and additional bracing to reduce the chance of collapse.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Install impact-resistant windows that are designed to withstand flying debris and high winds.


Build the house above the floodplain to reduce the risk of flooding.


Secure the house to the foundation with additional anchors to reduce the chance of the house being lifted off its foundation.


Install storm shutters to protect windows from flying debris.


Seal all openings and cracks around doors and windows to reduce the chance of wind entering the home.

Roof Vents

Install roof vents with mesh covers to reduce the chance of wind entering the home.


Install a fence around the house to reduce the chance of wind and debris entering the home.


Plant trees and shrubs around the house to reduce the chance of wind and debris entering the home.

Final Thoughts 

Rebuilding a house is much more costly than building a brand-new home. However, the sentimental value of the old home is lost. Spending extra money on rebuilding may be justified if you wish to preserve everything associated with the house.