Preparation is always crucial when it comes to natural disasters; the same applies to dealing with hurricanes. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there about what hurricanes can be like and what you need to do to prepare. Many people wonder, is it good to keep your windows open?

It is absolutely not recommended to keep your windows open when you are in the middle of a hurricane. Doing so can not only bring water and debris into your home but can cause structural damage to the frame. There is no benefit to doing this; instead, you should focus on keeping windows sealed and covered during a hurricane.

If you have questions about windows and how to protect them during a hurricane, you are reading the right article. Follow through as we cover why keeping windows open during a hurricane is a disadvantage and why experts recommend focusing on sealing the windows in this event.

Should My Windows Be Open During A Hurricane?

Hurricanes are not always the easiest to predict, and being prepared for a hurricane requires that you know what you are dealing with. The only problem is there are a lot of myths out there about how a hurricane can act, and this misinformation can be really dangerous during a disaster.

One of the biggest myths is that you should open your windows in the middle of a hurricane, as it will stabilize the pressure between the outside and the inside. While there is no evidence that this can happen, we know that such an action can be dangerous.

The impact of opening windows during a hurricane can be terrible, both in the short term and as a long-term strategy to avoid damage to your home. So, if you want to stay safe in a hurricane, focus on keeping the windows closed for as long as possible to eliminate the risk.

Why Your Windows Should Not Be Open

Now that we are well aware that leaving windows open is highly discouraged by the experts, you must be wondering why this is the case. In this section, let’s look at all the reasons why your windows should be carefully sealed to protect your home and loved ones during a hurricane:

Water And Debris Can Enter

One of the biggest problems with opening the windows in the middle of a hurricane is that the raging storm will allow the strong winds, water, and flying debris to come inside the home and wreak havoc on the inside. This can be a source of major damage in the long run.

In the case of a hurricane, even so much as a crack in the window can be damaging, as the wind and water will be able to make their way inside, which can be dangerous for everyone who is inside the home. Not only that, but you are now at an increased risk of water and flood damage.

Remember, having just a few inches of hurricane water entering your home can have a severe economic impact – with thousands of dollars of damage at risk. Even in homes where there is an insurance policy to cover this damage, this can be a considerable cost with devastating long-term effects.

Not to mention, there is always the risk of dirt and debris flying into your home. This is a huge risk because it can damage the home and break things and increase the risk of injury for everyone taking shelter inside. So if you want to stay safe, ensure the windows are fully shut.

It Can Cause Structural Damage

Another problem with keeping the windows in the middle of a hurricane is that serious structural damage can happen to your home. Remember the pressure difference we talked about earlier? It can actually end up being more harmful than good.

When there is water or air coming through your home with high force, it will need to move out quickly. The downside of this is that it can cause other windows to blow, and it can even have devastating effects, such as completely blowing off the roof of your home, leaving you at high risk.

Because the wind at the top of your home is moving fast and with a lot of force, this, combined with the wind inside, can cause the entire house to experience serious structural damage, even if the roof is left intact after the windows are open. You may see other signs of damage as a result.

Remember, your home is not an airtight space; there is always space for the air to escape, which means anything along that path – windows, doors, and even walls can sustain severe damage. This can have an incredibly weakening impact on the structure of the home, and it may even gall.

Therefore, always make sure to keep windows closed during a storm, especially a hurricane. In fact, the best process is to close them all but hide in a space without any windows. After all, no one wants to be at risk of injury with broken shards of glass flying around.

Your Neighbors Can Also Suffer

Remember, you and your neighbors are all affected by each other’s decisions in times of crisis. If you are living in a cluster of homes, damage to your home’s structure will also impact other houses close to you.

For example, if you have an issue with a blown-out window or door, that can fly odd and cause damage to your neighbor as well. Not only that but a damaged roof that lifts off your home places both you and your neighbors at risk. 

So, if you want to do your part in your community, make sure that your windows are sealed tight and do not allow debris to enter your home.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your safety is always more important than anything else. Make sure to secure all windows and doors during a hurricane, and ensure that you are in an area with no windows if possible. Remember, these storms can bring serious destruction, so take every precaution necessary to make sure that you are safe.