In some parts of the world, hurricanes are an inevitability. Whether you are used to smaller storms or larger natural disasters, it is always important to take the time and prepare. In that line of thought, many consider using hurricane shutters to solidify windows – but are they effective?

Hurricane shutters can be a highly effective way to prevent water from entering your home. This is because they act as a secondary stronghold and protect your window. At the same time, they can act as a barrier between debris, water, and strong winds. However, the material and type of hurricane shutter can impact effectiveness. 

There is a lot to learn about hurricane shutters and what they can do to prevent the onslaught of damage to a home. Since water damage can be particularly dangerous, considering shutters can really protect your home. So, in this blog, let’s look at how effective shutters are, the types of shutters available, and finally, the other benefits they can bring to the table.

Can Hurricane Shutters Be Effective Against Water?

When a big hurricane strikes, many homeowners can be swept into taking care of the damage that occurs. Water damage is particularly prominent, which can significantly impact the home. Water entering inside can cause severe and lasting destruction by impacting the structure of the home, creating a mold-friendly environment, and even leading to pest infestations.

Hurricane shutters effectively reduce the amount of water that comes into a home when disaster strikes. Hurricane shutters are a secondary source of protection against water, so you will need to use them in combination with storm-proof windows. However, while windows are focused on withstanding high wind, the shutters can focus on preventing water damage. 

Think of the hurricane shutter as an additional layer of protection for your windows. They can work in different ways – from bracing against the wind all the way to preventing debris and water from flying inside. However, the degree of protection can depend on the type of shutter you choose and, even further, on the material it uses. 

There are many kinds of hurricane shutters available, which you can choose depending on your budget, aesthetic, and durability during a storm. Some popular options include:

  • Accordion shutters: these are easy to install, affordable, and permanent but may not be aesthetically pleasing or extremely durable during a hurricane. 
  • Roll-down shutters: while these are still budget-friendly, they require professional installation and require power to be workable.
  • Bahama slats: while these can look great in a house and provide shade, they are less strong and more likely to block out light permanently. 
  • Plantation shutters: these shutters are an excellent choice if you want to preserve the look of a home. However, they are not easy to install and can fly off in a storm.
  • Storm panel shutters: while these types of shutters are inexpensive and durable, they are not permanent. At the same time, they can be challenging to install.

As you can see, a number of factors can impact how well a hurricane shutter will perform in the event of a storm. Most people opt for permanent fixtures that will be easy to use during a hurricane. However, temporary measures can also be a good fix, especially if you are living in an area where hurricanes happen often and you need the extra bracing. 

The Benefits Of Using A Hurricane Shutter

Despite the fact that a hurricane shutter can be effective in a storm, there are many other reasons why people choose to add them to their homes. In fact, here are just a few benefits of one kind of shutter, known as the plantation shutter:

Five Hidden Benefits of Having Plantation Shutters

So, in this section, let’s look at some of the many ways that having a shutter in your home can be beneficial.


One of the biggest advantages on your side when you get hurricane shutters is that you can enjoy a lot more privacy. This is especially the case when you have large windows at home that open up the space. If you still want to have the option to let sunlight in, opt for shutters that you can pull up/down or open and close as you like.

Energy Efficiency

Another great benefit that you can achieve with a window shutter is the ability to control drafts coming into and outside your home; this can also help you be more energy efficient. The window shutters help to keep the air inside your home from escaping by providing an extra layer of insulation. As a result, you will notice that your energy bills go down over time. 

Noise Control

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you must be exhausted from hearing sounds from the outside constantly interrupting your home life. In that case, having a shutter can significantly reduce the sound pollution from the outside and help you stay at peace at home.


While a bit of natural light is always lovely, being blasted with the blazing sun first thing in the morning can be a massive issue for many people. If you want to have more control over the light situation at your home, a window shutter can be an effective way to manage shade and protection in the case of a storm. 

Increased Value

Finally, adding shutters to windows can help improve the property’s value. This is especially the case if the shades are permanent, durable, and have an aesthetic value. People looking to buy a home will always be happy to find a place that adds comfort and protection and looks great all in one!

Final Thoughts

Window shutters may seem like an unnecessary addition, but they are a very important investment between their storm protection and additional benefits. Choosing the right shutters can help you stay safe in the event of a hurricane, so make sure you go for a choice that works best for your needs!