If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s essential to take extra measures to protect yourself and your property. There are several ways you can do this, including using hurricane impact-resistant windows and shutters. If you’re wondering which one you should opt for, continue reading below.

Hurricane windows exceed hurricane shutters in every way when it comes to protection from potential damage. If you only have hurricane shutters, chances are that the winds can still shatter your glass. Although it’s great to add both for added protection, with hurricane impact-resistant windows, you may not even need to add hurricane shutters.

Keep reading below as we discuss this in more detail.

Hurricane Shutters vs Hurricane Windows

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your property, family, and pets are protected from severe winds and rubble when you reside in a coastal area. And the preparations you undertake to ensure your house can endure these severe storms will significantly impact your safety and your family’s.

You would like the peace of mind that comes from understanding that you have done all possible to save your cherished item while it is in the path of a hurricane. However, hurricane protection is a sizable industry with a range of choices.

Two of the most common hurricane safety devices on the market, for instance, are hurricane shutters and hurricane-proof windows. Despite the fact that both provide protection against powerful hurricane winds, one has an advantage over the other.

To get a more detailed comparison between hurricane windows and shutters, watch this video below:

Making the Choice Between Impact Windows & Hurricane Shutters | FHIA Remodeling

How can you choose the best alternative for your house? Find out by reading on!

Hurricane Shutters: Pros and Cons

Whenever powerful winds are brought in by severe storms, hurricane shutters are intended to shield your windows. These are placed above windows made of glass to protect them against flying objects.

While hurricane shutters may be installed over any type of glass, it is advisable to put them over impact glass in order to have complete protection from tropical hurricanes.


Here are some advantages of hurricane shutters.


Shutters are valued by many individuals because of their dependability. They are often simple to install, but you must keep in mind that they must be secured appropriately for your structure.

Various Styles

Hurricane shutters, as opposed to impact windows, are available in a variety of designs to suit the demands, wants, and decor of your home. Additionally, they may be adapted and put in place above any existing windows.


Your costs might be as low as $8 per square foot, based on the kind of shutters you want. Roll-down shutters and Colonial shutters, which are more opulent and upscale, can cost $30 or more. For older structures, shutters are a more affordable choice while you work on saving up for a more long-term fix.

When not in use, most hurricane shutter types are simple to take down, maintaining the aesthetic of your structure.


Here are some disadvantages of hurricane shutters:

Hard to Manage

When buying hurricane shutters, you should keep in mind that they can be difficult to handle (often requiring at least two people) and how long it will take to prep your property each time a storm comes. 

While roll-down shutters may be installed at the touch of a button, conventional hurricane shutters take at least an hour to install throughout the house.

Cannot Be Installed Right Away

Hurricane shutters cannot be erected while you are on holiday, placing your home at risk. However, with impact-resistant windows, you may continue to unwind while you’re gone since you know that they’ll always be there and prepared to withstand tropical storms.

Very Little Sound Protection

Shutters offer less noise shielding than impact-resistant windows do. You’ll experience a hurricane and feel like a trainload of people is passing by your windows.

Shackle You

By adding shutters, you can be cooped up within your home with little access to light. It could be difficult to open if you have to exit by a sliding door or window.

Impact Resistant Windows: Pros and Cons

Hurricane impact windows are made to give excellent protection from tropical storm damage, much like vehicle safety glass. They provide continuous shutterless viewing, noise removal, protection from intruders and extreme storms, and other benefits. 

These windows are manufactured with laminated glass that won’t shatter under impact and offer strength, aesthetics, and 99% UV protection.


Here are some advantages of hurricane windows:

Most Effective Defense

If your house has hurricane-impact windows, the outside of your house will remain undamaged regardless of whether a piece of metal smashes through one of your windows. Anything other than that, a collision may increase air pressure, allowing nearby windows, walls, or roofs to collapse.

Maintain Safety

Impact glass windows serve as a strong deterrent for burglars. Anybody attempting to sneak into your house will first need to smash the impact glass windows and believe us when we say that no trespasser can simply accomplish that.

Superior to Ordinary Glass

Impact-resistant glass can withstand winds from tropical storms up to 200 mph better than regular glass.

Simple to Install

Impact-resistant windows can be built without having hurricane shutters covering them, although being more expensive than hurricane shutters.

Important Financial Gains

Impact windows boost the value of your home and provide several other benefits. Whether you decide to sell or refinance your house soon, hurricane-resistant windows can provide you with a significant return on investment.


Here are some disadvantages of hurricane windows:

Initial Expense

The cost is the major drawback of putting hurricane impact-resistant windows in your home. Additionally, even though the glass would probably require little upkeep over a long time, the initial cost is higher than other window security alternatives for your house.

Changing your windows

Impact windows from hurricanes do not really go over your current windows as hurricane shutters do. These projectile and gale-force wind-resistant windows are designed to substitute your windows with strong glass and window frames.

Which One Should I Get?

The finest storm protection for your house is impact-resistant glass behind hurricane shutters. Installing both of these will provide the highest defense against flying debris, so if your region is regularly threatened by intense storms, you might want to do so.

You have a few choices if you are unable to install both. Impact-resistant windows are an excellent alternative for defending your house if the cost isn’t as significant of an issue and you intend to live there long enough to recover the cost.

Hurricane shutters are a terrific option if you have a limited budget and don’t intend to live in your house for an extended period because they are reasonably priced, attractive, and offer reasonable storm protection.


Whether you find hurricane shutters better or impact-resistant windows comes down to personal preference. In general, hurricane windows are far better at providing protection than shutters. The use of both can provide just the added protection that your home needs in the event of a hurricane.