Blue roof in place, now what?

The storm has passed and unfortunately, you have damage to your roof.  You have taken the necessary steps to stop further damage from rain by securing a blue tarp over the damaged area but – now what?

When a storm damages your roof it can cause significant damage to your property. This includes water damage to the interior structure, destruction of insulation, toxic black mold & more. Storm damage is not something to take lightly, and many homeowners make mistakes when trying to fix their roofs. It can be difficult to determine how much damage your roof has suffered just by looking at it. When high winds are involved, your shingles might fly off, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks and other water damage. Worse yet, sometimes homeowners don’t even know that their shingles are missing until it’s too late.

Your roof may have the following damage:

Missing Shingles

High winds generated from a storm can damage and ultimately cause many shingles to be blown off the roof.  Missing shingles can create leaks and holes in your roof.   This needs to be addressed immediately to prevent water damage that can ultimately lead to structural problems.  Homeowners have a choice on repairing the damaged area or replacing the entire roof structure.  A trusted licensed roofing contractor can help determine the best course of action to restore your roof promptly and help withstand future weather events.


The high winds can also create flying debris which can damage your roof.  In some instances, holes will have been punched through the shingles and roof structure.  Leaks can also occur in spots where debris did not fully puncture the roof. 

Gutter Damage

With high winds, gutters can be easily damaged during a storm. Gutter systems help prevent foundation damage by distributing water around your property during periods of heavy rain.  When inspecting roof damage it is important to also have all gutters inspected and repaired.

Shingle damage

The granules on shingles help with reflecting the sun to keep interior temperatures comfortable. Loss of granules is also a common roofing problem during storms.

If you have experienced storm damage to your roof and want some help with the process of repairing it, please contact Storm Advisor at (855) 657-0749 for assistance. At Storm Advisor, our network of trusted local insurance adjusters and highly rated contractors get you back into your home faster—without the hassle, delays, or inflated prices.